September 21, 2009


Did you ever make paper beads as a kid? Seeing this post reminded me of all the paper stuff I used to make. Paper beads are back, I guess.

Using scraps of thread, some of the beads were wrapped and sprinkled with glass glitter. The beads will be used on the quiltlet projects.

For fun, I used some of the recycled silver wire and made a chunky bead necklace.

And while the wire was out, I finished the silver piece made as my first silver metal clay experiment. Black hemp was used for the necklace parts on both. A satin or leather cord would have been more elegant, but I had the hemp, so......

And how sweet. This little envelope was secretly placed in my bag, "open me" was written on the front. Inside, the mother of pearl buttons - below. I will save them to sew on something special.


Beena said...

Love the paper beads, and both the necklaces are gorgeous! Love that silver clay.

Vicki W said...

Cool beads and I love the necklaces! You are multitalented!

Debra said...

Really pretty paper beads!

I have some paper beads that are the kind that are triangles, rolled up and then glued. They were then shellaced a zillion times (or dipped) and they are just gorgeous. You would never know they were originally paper.