August 14, 2009

Another finish and more houses~

This is the last of the three- ink, chalk, paint, pencil and thread experimental pieces. I was going to use threadwork to color in the blackened area, but because of my discovery, I don't really like doing all that threadwork; I colored it with Prisma pencils and lightly quilted it.

Using a loftier batt, there was more dimension than the others. And I'm noticing a ball of lint in the photo...... I could have made a sweater out of the lint I generated with the other two pieces.


And I had a few more photos of the Slice House Round Robins to show you.

This is Jane's house. Her house is an antique and the color matches it perfectly. I love it.

This is Joyce's, her house is an antique too. One of my favorite pieces because of the bright red door and perfect shadowing. Looks so inviting, doesn't it?

This is Kathleen's. I love the porch and wrought iron table in the bottom left. You may have seen this in Houston, last year. She entered in the group category and won!

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Beena said...

Love the butterfly. It came out really well! Beautiful.
The color of Jane's house on the one quilt, is just dreamy. We have many unusually colored houses and businesses here in Florida, and I think it's wonderful!
The wrought iron set in the last quilt is a perfect finish!

Quilt Rat said...

WOW! These are all just too too fabulous. Well done ladies.

Debra said...

I really love these house quilts!