August 29, 2009

more prompt catching up~~~






I didn't immediately think of anything to doodle for bold. Having gone back to it a few times, still nothing......

After buying a new set of pens, I noticed the pen's tips were labeled: S, F, M and one with a B. Oh- B for bold - I quickly doodled out a bold lined design..... Duh- B meant brush. Oh well, I kept my bold lined design for BOLD anyway.




SewCalGal said...

I love all your drawings, and these are just delightful. You are so very talented. Thanks for sharing.


Quilt Rat said...

Oh my where do I start? Crave is fabulous, Coffee and chocolate?... of course. Bold? well I think that was a tough one for all of us, I'd say that a "bold" lined drawing fits the as for that House of Blues?....LOVE IT!!!!

Terri Stegmiller said...

Your doodles are all wonderful. I love the Pitt pens. They do have a brush pen available too, of course I had to get it.

Debra said...

What's not to love?

Beena said...

More great prompts. I especially like the house...would love to see it in color!

Jaye said...

Really like your House of Blues doodle. The others are great, too. I also use the PITT pens (thanks to Amy at the Creative Mom podcast!) and am really enjoying them. I became a lot fonder of them once I found the different tips that were available. Thanks for participating!

Jaye said...

PS. Crave is wonderful, too. Are those figs on the saucer?