August 13, 2009

a quick finish and a prompt~

I added more threads to the flowers using stabilizer on the back. Then I cut the stabilizer away, sandwiched it and quickly quilted. An experiment on thread work- I like the look of it when other people do it, but don't like doing it myself, I decided. Too much driving in the same spot without a lot of progress. Adding the thread work and then quilting gave better results, these flowers show a little loft. Whereas on the other piece, a few days ago - the flowers are flat and dense. I still have the butterfly to stitch out then I will face the edges of all three.

Creative prompt - Orange-

(and -Remember-)

I started to draw out orange wedges, then remembered candy fruit slices. Back when Sears used to have a Candy Department you could buy the pretty candy slices, sold individually. Or in a flat box with a plastic divider. At first, I think there was only green, orange and yellow. Then more colors were added. I remember when the blues were added. I think that was around the time of the red dye scare... Because I felt guilty combining two prompts again, I added color to the wedges to make up for some lack of effort. Then... when I went to sharpen my pencils, I remembered something else to do for remember. So I guess I'll do remember after all.

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Beena said...

I love the way your piece with the flowers looks now! Gorgeous! And I like your cany orange slices!

Kay said...

Such beautiful stuff on your blog, Kathy, both your work and the others!
I haven't done as much thread painting and quilting as you and when I do, it's very small, but I would agree with you that quilting afterward gives more texture.

Terri Stegmiller said...

I think the orange flowers are gorgeous.

Sherri said...

Love the you also 'remember' how good those candies smelled back then? I swear they have no scent these days!!!