August 17, 2009

the quilting...

I really enjoyed using these paints and loved how they looked on the Fairy Frost fabric. I started to quilt the piece using black thread.
I'm thinking; next, I'd like to try the paints on a piece of hand-dyed black fabric that has that sueded, softened look.


Kay said...

I can already see how much the beautiful quilting is adding to this piece.
Had to laugh about the deer. I wish they ate only the weeds! We've had a deer and two fawns in our yard recently. So sweet, but so annoying.

Beena said...

I love the paint colors and design and how they pop on that dark fairy frost fabric. Try a transparent paint on the white fairy frost fabric sometime... I think you will be equally satisfied!!! I have been playing with paint on the rock candy line of fabric, which is a lot like the frost fairy fabric. Also fun.