August 8, 2009

More Creative Prompts...

Jaye from artquiltmaker continues to offer a creative prompt/week. I'm catching up as I can.

Below is magic.
Recently, on vacation, we saw a magic show. The magician performed some pretty cool tricks with a rope. I drew out a rope and magically it became a flower.
Below is queen.


And a quick trip to the local Farmer's Market yields this delicious, August snack.

Remember this? They seem to disappear as quickly as they ripen.
(Ed note- regarding the Outcome post, when I went back to it... it wasn't exactly ugly. It was just different than what it looked like when I started. Some of the chalk bounced off as I quilted it and smudged, making the colors look murky or not as clear. {And the back was ugly, but you won't see that-ever}. I added more color with pencils to brighten the background and taped it to the wall. I like it. And it will look nice when I face it.)

(Perhaps it was the ugly Red Sox/Yankee game that clouded my vision. Things didn't get any better last night..... )


Kay said...

I like the great Jacobean-style flowers you came up with.

Debra said...

I am a huge Jacobean flowers fan and those are super! Wouldn't they be pretty paired with some embroidered Jacobean flowers?

Beena said...

Love your creative prompt drawings. I would love to see one blossom into a quilt for you!

I told you that you just needed to step back from your very pretty quilt, and you'd be more pleased!

Don't even get me started about ugly quilt backs...Here I was thinking the whole purpose of labels on the back of a quilt was to hide those less than perfect spots and occasional birds nests! (laughing)

Quilt Rat said...

WHOA! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE those prompt responses. Fabulous! Will you add them to the flickr pool?