August 3, 2009

Inks, Chalk and a Creative Prompt...

Using the Tsukineko Inks I added color to some left over plain white fabric. I let it dry in the sun and heat set it with an iron. After heat setting, I re wet the fabric and used Artist's Chalks to scribble out some flowers. Again, I dried and heat set with the iron and dryer. I don't know how permanent the color is, but it will never be washed so I'm okay with it.

The butterfly is a leftover from the butterfly project. I added color in the same way as above, but some washed away when I rinsed it, I'll add more with paints or markers. Fellow quilter Kathleen Murphy has recently faced some of her work rather than traditional binding. I really like the look- So, I'm going to quilt these little pieces up with brightly colored threads and practice facing them. I think I'll put them in our downstairs bathroom, which the kids recently painted Jalapeno Pepper Green.

Another Creative Prompt- Exploring Squares
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Quilt Rat said...

I love the look of the mix of inks and chalks.....super cool effects.
What kind of chalks are these?
Your response to the prompt "square" is absolutely terrific!

Beena said...

Looks like you are having some creative fun time! Nice results!

Debra said...

Flowers and butterflies in dreamy colors--can't go wrong there!