August 10, 2009

Other's Creativity and Creative Prompts

This is my friend, Sue's house. A few year's ago the Guild, I belong to, hosted a Slice House Round Robin. Members worked on portions of each other's house and the owner put the slices of her house back together. As much border, embellishment and quilting as desired was added by the owner, at the end. I did not work on this Round Robin, but loved the results. This piece happens to be one of my favorites. Sue put mullions and a frame on her piece. The group of quilts was displayed this past weekend at Images in Lowell. I will post more photos later. They really are great.


Speaking of house.....
House was a Creative prompt.

Moon and Tree were prompts, and in my efforts to catch up... I combined them.

A tribute to my friend Susan - who raises beautiful chickens.

And in September we are having artist, Christine Fries-Ureel as a guest. We have so many talented, innovative quilters in Guild that I will look forward to what they create after Ms. Fries-Ureel workshops.

Close ups of her work, below.


SewCalGal said...

Wow. All these quilts & drawings are beautiful. I can't wait to hear more insights.

Thanks for sharing.


Quilt Rat said...

OUTSTANDING!!!! I love that house quilt..........and your prompt responses? OMG! those are just too fabulous for words. Had to smile though because I too am doodling a bird house and it even has a little gingerbread on it, LOVE the feathers on the chicken and the tree/moon combination? WOW!

Debra said...

Everything here today is just super!

Terri Stegmiller said...

Love your drawings. That moon and tree one is just speaking to me. So lovely.

Beena said...

All such wonderful eye candy!

Jaye said...

You are really doing nice work on your creative prompt responses. I hope you will join the Flickr Group ( and post them there as well. It would be great if you would post them to the comments sections of my blog as well so readers can view all the responses together. I have posted a few and will try to get to the others later, if you can't do it.

Hope every will join in the Creative Prompt fun!