August 12, 2009

Creative Prompt, Quilting and Houses...

Creative Prompt- Kindness


Linda's quilt.

She makes pretty quilts with bright colors. Each of the mountains is a different fabric, I won't get bored with this one! This is for friends of hers and she told me a nice story about the quilt. She wanted oak leaves, which are in the corners, leaf vines which you see. And she always likes to put hearts on her quilts, so in the green sashing are the hearts. I put swags in the border and I think I'll go back in and add piano keys, later. When Linda makes and gives quilts she likes them to be used and loved, on the back is always a cozy flannel.


This very cool quilt is Debbie's.

It's for her college-aged son. The colors, really, are better in person than this photo. And because the colors were so great and it had such movement, we decided to quilt in wavy lines through the color ways. I think he's going to love it.
I wish the photo showed true to color so you could see the movement, but I fell off the stool trying to get the shot.... I thought I should stop with the one I had....

( and no honey, I didn't break the camera-I am okay too)

More of the Slice Round Robin houses.

You can see, they were pinned to the curtains at the show. If you look from left to right, they are JZ's, Annie's and Gail's. They look like paintings to me and I love the shadowing. So much work went into these quilts, such talented ladies.

Below is my friend Tam's. She lives in a house that looks just like a beautiful, doll-house, home. She has gorgeous gardens that seem to bloom from the first day of spring to the first day of winter. The way her quilt was pinned to the curtain made it wrinkle. I wish you could see the detail embroidery work.

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Christina said...

these are all so pretty! check out my blog?

Beena said...

I love the way you are quilting Linda's quilt, and the Creative Prompt!

Debra said...

those house quilts are pretty amazing!

Quilt Rat said...

your doodles for the prompts are just so wonderful, please post them with the group in the comment section of each prompt if you get a chance you can find most of the prompts here

These are all too fabulous not to share.