August 7, 2009

The Outcome...

So, the good news about this project is when doing the thread work and quilting, the sewing machine sounds like a jack hammer. The noise of the machine blocks everything out, like the radio- where the Red Sox/ Yankee game is being broad cast from.

The bad news is, sometimes things end up just being plane ugly.

This is the smaller, second piece. I'm stitching this with stabilizer and will quilt it once the flowers are stitched over. The other one, I stitched and quilted as one unit. I don't do this type of thread work often. It sure eats up thread quickly. Some of the colored thread I used was Brytes, by Superior Threads. This is a nice thread and stitches out pretty if you want to lay down color with a thick, quilting thread.


Debra said...

I like those daisy petals--wonder what that says about my tastes?

Beena said...

I didn't see anything that I thought was I don't know what you are talking about!!!! On the contrary. These came out very nice! I love the colors and your thread choices and stitching. Very soft looking.
Sometimes I think a person just needs a little distance from their own work to appreciate it better. I usually try to work on something else for a while if I get to feeling like that about a project.
Put it away if you must, and pull it out later and you'll be more pleased! It's gorgeous!

Quilt Rat said...

Where exactly is the "ugly" ????
I think these are terrific. I love that thread painting and oh my gosh your quilting looks fabulous.